What Our Lord said about the Bible and How He Used It

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How does one prove the Bible, that every account is true, that it was divinely inspired? What am I to believe when so many so-called "experts" disagree? They tell us that accounts such as Jonah are pure fiction, as are the account of the flood of Noah's day, the words and works of Noah, the prophecies of Daniel, etc... Who can prove if they are divine truth or myths? How different would it be if God - the Lord Jesus - authenticated these accounts! This is precisely what He does in the Gospels! Dr Van Winkle looked at the Lord's words in Matthew's Gospel and found that the Lord often quoted from virtually all the Old Testament - about 80% of our Bible! He had many opportunities to correct any myths, but instead, He supported the Old Testament accounts. The Lord always put the Written Word on the same level of truth as His own words - the Living Word! We think you will be fascinated and encouraged by reading this study!
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