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Welcome to the Chapter Two online shop

Welcome to our online shop

Here you will see much of the growing range of Chapter Two publications and books distributed by us. You will also have the latest news about Chapter Two - new titles, new products and services, useful links, latest used-book catalogue, items of historical interest, will be found here.

If you have any questions about our books, requests for books you cannot find, or comments on our website, please do not hesitate to use our contact page. We will answer as soon as we are able.

Featured Products

J Rouw: House of Go(l)d - Welcome (Paperback)

This is the basic educational aid to understanding the book of Exodus and in particular the spiritual significance of the Tabernacle of Israel.


New Titles

John's Gospel - Gujarathi (Paperback)
The Gospel according to John - Gujarathi
Mark's Gospel - Tamil (Paperback)
The Gospel according to Mark in Tamil
Luke's Gospel - Tamil (Paperback)
The Gospel according to Luke in Tamil
New Testament - Dinka Padan (Hardback)
The New Testament in Dinka Padan
New Testament - Dinka Jied Bor (Hardback)
The New Testament in Dinka Jied Bor
Various Authors: What the bible teaches: 1+ 2 Chronicles (Hardback)
Ritchie old testament commentaries. What the bible teaches: 1+2 Chronicles
Konkani Bible (Hardback)
The Holy Bible in Konkani
Mark's Gospel - Nepali (Paperback)
The Gospel according to Mark in Nepali
Anonymous: Punjabi Songbook (Plastic)
Masihee Sangeet - South Asian Ministry
Korean - English Bible (Paperback)
Korean - English (NIV) Explanation Bible
New Testament - Tagalog/English (Hardback)
The New Testament: Tagalog - Today's English Version
New Testament - Urdu (Paperback)
The New Testament in Urdu (Original Version)
New Testament - Japanese (45551) (Paperback)
The New Testament in Japanese
John's Gospel - Indoesian (Paperback)
The Gospel of John in Indonesian
New Testament - Kurdish (Sorani) (Hardback)
The New Testament in Kurdish (Sorani), Standard Version,
H L Rossier: Meditations on 1.Samuel (Paperback)
Meditations on 1.Samuel
H L Rossier: Meditations on 2.Samuel
Meditations on 2.Samuel
Death and Afterwards - French (Tract)
Death and Afterwards in French
H L Rossier: Study Book of Ezra
Study Book of Ezra
Loved - Czech
Loved - Czech (Tract)
H L Rossier: Study Book of Joel
Study Book of Joel
Do You know Jesus - French (Tract)
Do You know Jesus? - French Tract
J N Darby: Reflections on Psalms 1 to 41 (Paperback)
Reflections on Psalms 1 to 41 commentaries to Psalms
A Message from God - French (Paperback)
A Message from God - French
A Message from God - Polish (Tract)
A Message from God - Polish Tract
From Confusion to Peace (Tract)
From Confusion to Peace
Do You know Jesus - Polish (Tract)
Do You know Jesus? Polish Tract
God loves You -Polish (Tract)
God loves You - Polish Tract
H Smith: The Assembly (Paperback)
God's thoughts about his church. God's plan for his church step by step.
The Lord Jesus will return - French (Tract)
The Lord Jesus will return - French
Out of stock
E-A Bremicker: The Lord's Prayer
The Lord's Prayer
The Coat of the Apostle Paul - Portuguese
A small commentary on 2. Timothy 4:13
W Kelly: Commentary of the book of Esther (Paperback)
Commentary of the book of Esther
B A Ramsbottom: The Crucifixion of Jesus (Russian) (Paperback)
A book for young children specially written in simple style. Even the youngest will enjoy listening, while older ones can read the stories for themselves. Rich in spiritual lessons. Well-illustrated, great reverence is shown for the person of the Lord Jesus.
Czech Study Bible Preklad 21 (Paperback)
Czech Bible, Preklad 21-Translation
Czech Bible, black, gilt edges, Preklad 21 (Paperback)
Czech Bible, black with gilt edges, Preklad 21 Edition
A J Pollock: The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ (Paperback)
It is an historical fact that Jesus Christ actually rose from the dead, and ascended to heaven. In a survey encompassing Old and New Testaments as well as Lyttleton's 'Observations on the Conversion and Apostleship of St.Paul', Pollock affirms his thesis with characteristic eloquence. This new edition conveys his message to the 21st first Century reader.
Holy Bible, King James Version, vol. 4 (Paperback)
Holy Bible, King James Version, vol. 4
Czech Bible, beige-grey, Preklad 21 (Paperback)
Czech Bible, beige-grey, Preklad 21-Translation
Pitt Minion Reference Bible
Pitt Minion Reference Bible
Farsi, Luke's Gospel (Paperback)
Farsi, Luke's Gospel, New Millennium Version
Catalan Bible
Catalan Bible 'La Santa Biblia'
Farsi, NT, Psalms & Proverbs, Imit. Leather (Paperback)
The New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs in Farsi.
Farsi, New Testament, Pocket Edition (Paperback)
The New Testament in Farsi, red
Farsi, New Testament, white, pb (Paperback)
The New Testament in Farsi
J Rouw: House of Gold (Booklet)
God's house in the middle of Israel in the desert of Sinai. A brochure for gospel outreach
Farsi, Bible, Standard Edition (Hardback)
The Holy Bible in Farsi, Standard Edition
W Busch: Jesus our Destiny (Paperback)
An excellent Gospel paperback
Spanish, New Testament (Paperback)
The New Testament in Spanish
Reached your destination? (Farsi-German) (Tract)
PERSIAN (FARSI)-GERMAN - A bilingual tract for refugees
Love at Its Greatest (Tract)
Tract for gospel outreach
Love at Its Greatest (Tract)
A tract for gospel outreach
Biblia Bilinguee - RVR 1960/ KJV (Hardback)
Bilingual Bible - RVR 1960/ KJV
Love at Its Greatest (Tract)
A tract for the gospel outreach
New Testament (Turkish) (Paperback)
The New Testament in Turkish
Growing Songs No.1 Hymnbook (Paperback)
Growing Songs for Children - 60 Exciting Songs o Faith
Growing Songs No.2 Hymnbook (Paperback)
Growing Songs for Children - 60 Exciting Songs of Faith
Is there a way? Farsi (Tract)
A Christian tract, especially suitable for Muslims
Is there a way? (Tract)
A Christian tract, especially suitable for Muslims
John's Gospel (Booklet)
Love at Its Greatest (Tract)
A tract for the gospel outreach.
I don't want your Money
Everybody's Birthday Party Kit with visuals, songs, games, follow-up aids and more! For ages 5-12.
New Testament (Serbian) (Paperback)
The New Testament in Serbian language in Latin letters
Anonymous: Tabeeba
Tabeeba - The Life Story of Patricia St. John
The Holy Bible (Hardback)
God's Word in Polish
Way of Salvation (Tract)
A tract in Bengali language for the gospel outreach
Anonymous: Good News for You! (Tract)
Children's Tract
G Mair: Fisherman's Gospel (Paperback)
A book with stories from the sea in spanish language.
Anonymous: God's Voice in the Stars (Paperback)
God's Voice in the Stars - Zodiac Signs and Bible Truth
Arabic New Testament, New van Dyck Translation (Paperback)
Arabic New Testament, van Dyck Translation
The earth is the Lord's (Paperback)
A colouring book
Anonymous: The Redeemer's Return (Paperback)
A Premillennialist View of our Lord's Return
He made the stars (Paperback)
A colouring book
Go down to the sea (Booklet)
A colouring book
English/ Malayalam Bible (Paperback)
The Holy Bible: English Standard Version - Malayalam Original Version
The LORD is my God (Booklet)
A colouring book
A Brown: A Bible Alphabet Busy Book (Paperback)
Developing Writing Skills, using Bible Stories
A Brown: Bible Names (Paperback)
Presenting gospel truths to little children using Bible names and their meanings.
The Classic King James Study Bible (Hardback)
The Classic Kind James Study Bible, Edited by C.I.Scofield
Punjabi, Great Bible Truth (Paperback)
Selection from the Punjabi Bible
Gujarathi - Luke's Gospel (Paperback)
The Way of Peace - The Gospel according to St. Luke
F S W: To the Chief Musician, Lord's Day Morning Meditations (Paperback)
Many of the Psalms are divinely directed to "The Chief Musician." Ultimately, this can be no other than the Lord Jesus. The Lord said in Hebrews 2:12, "In the midst of the assembly will I sing Thy praises."
E P Vedder (Jr.): The Prophets, God's Messengers (Paperback)
THE PROPHETS God's Messengers is a concise, scriptural look at the prophets of the Bible, both in the New and Old Testament. The contents of this book originally appeared as meditations in 'The Lord is Near Daily Devotional Calendar' (available through the publisher of this book).
H L Heijkoop: The Book of Jude (Paperback)
There are not a lot of good commentaries available on the Book of Jude. This reprint will be a welcome addition to any Bible student's library.
P Palmer: Excerpts from Exodus (Paperback)
The author writes in a modern, clear style; uses the modern-reading New King James Version as his main translation, and makes this somewhat obscure (to many) Old Testament book come alive for all individuals, teenagers and older.
Farsi, NT, Psalms & Proverbs, Pocket Size (Paperback)
Farsi, NT, Psalms & Proverbs
H L Heijkoop: Beginning with Christ - Arabic (Paperback)
Beginning with Christ in Arabic
Kurdish-Sorani - Tracts
Tract in Kurdish-Sorani
W Gurnall: Gleanings from William Gurnall (Hardback)
Gleanings from the Past - Extracts from the writings of William Gurnall
J N Darby: Notes and Comments on Scripture (7 Vol. Set) (Hardback)
7 Volumes of notes and comments on the Scripture from the note books of J. N. Darby
B Warnes: In Six Days Six Thousand Years Ago (Booklet)
In six days six thousand years ago - Is this what the Bible means? A brief look at an important subject at the beginning of the Bible including a consideration of the Gap Theory
J N Darby: How the Lost Sheep was Found (Booklet)
A small A gospel booklet.
The Holy Bible (German) (Hardback)
God's Word in German language
J N Darby: Notes and Jottings (Hardback)
Notes and Jottings from various meetings with J. N. Darby
P Masters: Men of Destiny (Paperback)
This book deals with remarkable Christians.
P Masters: Men of Purpose (Paperback)
This book deals with different people, all with an experience of personal conversion to God.
J Bunyan: The Pilgrim's Progress (Hardback)
The story of Christian's journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City.

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Pure Gold
Pure Gold
Joyful News Calendar 2016
A New Heart - Tamil Gospel Calendar 2016
Pure Gold Tracts, different titles - Nepali

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