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Celebrating 40 years of selling and distributing sound Christian literature.

'Thy word is truth' (John 17:17)

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J Rouw: House of Go(l)d - Welcome (Paperback)

This is the basic educational aid to understanding the book of Exodus and in particular the spiritual significance of the Tabernacle of Israel.


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Mothering Sunday Card 1221363
Mothering Sunday Card with Bible Text
Mothering Sunday Card 7764
Mothering Sunday Card with Bible Text
P White: Jungle Doctor Picture Fables - Box Set (Paperback)
This box set contains eight classic Jungle Doctor stories for you to enjoy.
The empty Tomb! (Tract)
Jesus Our Only Real Hope - Latvian (Booklet)
Is the existence of Jesus historically proven? The Bible, a magnificent book! What does the Bible say about Jesus? The Life and Work of Jesus. Jesus lives – He really exists! This attractively prepared 48-page colourful booklet, beautifully illustrated, contains much interesting and useful information, testimonies and basic guidance for the newcomer and the young Christian.
T Hadley: Building Walls For The Home
There is an all out attack against the family today, you even might say it is a war. Broken homes, lonely spouses and children in desperate situation are everywhere. The enemy has an attack plan for your family, for your spouse, for your children and he has a plan for you ! But, greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world !
I Boulos: Illustrated Foundational Truths (Guide) (Paperback)
This guide to the "Illustrated Foundational Truths" was written by Dr. Isaac Boulos to accompany the fifteen charts of the Illustrated Foundational Truths. In twenty-five lessons our brother expounds on the truths presented on the charts, to help in personal study of the scriptures, and to prepare oneself to teach these truths to others.
I Boulos: Illustrated Foundational Truths - Chart (Tract)
15 charts cover most of the foundational Christian truths in a simple biblical way accompanied by different bible verses so it is not a certain group teaching but what the Word of God teaches..
J McBroom: Royal Dainties (Hardback)
This book consists of Bible Readings held in November 1948 with F.B Hole, J. McBroom, A.J. Pollock, and other. A great deal of valuable teaching was brought out from the Gospel of John, chapter 13 to 17. Addresses were also given on consecutive evenings. The contents will continue to be great interest to a new generation of readers. The meetings took place in Bradford, England
S Rice: Cry of Pain and Celebration of Praise (Booklet)
A Meditation on Psalm 22.
Bible - French - Louis Second (Leather)
Wedding Bible, maps
Friendship, Engagement, Marriage (Paperback)
What does God say about the topics of friendship, engagement, marriage ? How can these things be practised today ? Various authors have answered these questions in a practical manner based on the Bible. Originally, these articles were published in a monthly magazine for young Christians.
Anonymous: The Father`s Heart (Booklet)
The Father`s House

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