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  1. The Fear of Corona
    The Fear of Corona
    Caused by a new coronavirus, the lung disease Covid-19 spreads rapidly, as does the fear of it. But this is not the only fear we have. This flyer shows you how you can find peace in every way. Learn More
  2. Studies in the Epistle to the Hebrews 2019
    Studies in the Epistle to the Hebrews 2019

    Summary of the Bible studies at the annual Plumstead Conference in 2019. The studies covered the verses from 10:31 to 11:23, which includes the first half of the famous chapter of examples of faith. The lives of Abel, Enoch, Noah and Abraham, Sarah and the patriarchs can be summed up 10:32: ‘The just shall live by faith’.



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  3. House of Go(l)d - Welcome
    House of Go(l)d - Welcome

    This is the basic educational aid to understanding the book of Exodus and in particular the spiritual significance of the Tabernacle of Israel.

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  4. Light for Life 2022
    Light for Life 2022

    This large-format, month-to-view, gospel calendar features twelve beautiful photographs of scenes from around the world. Each month there is a verse from the Bible and a thought-provoking message, as well as a space for each day to write a brief note.

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