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Truth & Testimony is published at a time when the Christian faith is under attack – from more sides than ever before. The attack comes in many different forms. It ranges from open persecution of Christians in an increasingnumber of countries to practical denials of the content and essence of Christianity, such as denial of the Lord's Deity, true manhood, eternal Sonship, and His other glories, as well as a denial of the verbal inspiration of the scriptures. In addition, there have been recent tendencies of 'bridging the gap between faiths'…
Either God has spoken to man, or there is no 'truth'. We either believe in the God who has a Son and was made known through His Son ..., or we have 'faith' in something unknown, a product of human imagination.
The purpose of this magazine is to communicate the truth. The contributing authors believe in the Bible as God's infallible word to man. On this basis, the articles that have been included aim to promote the study of the Bible by providing expositions, commentaries, and applications to the time in which we live.
The overall objective of Truth & Testimony is to publicise and spread the glory of the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Head of the church and Lord of every Christian.
We hope you will want to encourage our objective and help increase the circulation of our Magazine.

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  Issue 6, 2002  [105 kb]
  Issue 6, 2010  [2.1 Mb]

Since 2014 Truth & Testimony is also available as ebook.

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