Thou and Thy House, or the Christian at Home

Anyone wishing to have a consistent Christian family life will do well to read this challenging book. It is trenchant, and throughout, the Scriptures are used effectively. It is to be welcomed. Banner of Truth Magazine Dec. 2002.

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All Christian parents and teachers will have an increasing sense of the importance of the use of Biblical principles to raise up children for the Lord in this present evil world. This book has been a help over the generations for many families. But it not only deals with family life, but also the general home life of a Christian believer. For this reason, it will have a message to all Christians who desire to live consistent lives at home for Christ's glory. We thank God that we are able to re-issue this valuable booklet and trust Him to add His blessing upon its circulation in the present generation.

In the 1850s CHM wrote "I never can form a correct judgment of a man from seeing him or hearing him in a meeting. He may seem a very spiritual person, and teach very beautiful and very true things; but let me go home with him, and there Iearn the true state of things. He may speak like an angel from heaven, but if his house be not ruled according to the mind of God, he will not be a real witness for Christ." His book still contains valuable lessons for today and will give scriptural guidance to all who would desire to live for Christ and bring up their young for the Lord Jesus.

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Author Mackintosh, C. H.
Binding pb
ISBN-Number 978-1-85307-179-9
Language English
Number of Pages 64
Subject Practical Christian Living