The History of the Brethren, 2 vols.

In many respects, this is the definitive history from 1826 to 1936 of the so-called Plymouth Brethren movement. Many historical documents are preserved in these two volumes.

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This is the principal reference work on the so-called Plymouth Brethren Movement from its commencement 1826 to 1936: years of Divine grace amidst human failure. Well-documented and useful source for researchers. Invaluable asset for libraries. These volumes contain so much information not easily found elsewhere that they are undoubtedly the best history of the brethren movement in the English language.

New printing. The publishers do not endorse every conclusion of this author, though the general tenor of his work is excellent.


Volume 1:

  1. The Beginning of the Brethren
  2. Characteristics of the Brethren
  3. Sixty-six Principal Brethren (Brief Records)
  4. The Plymouth Divergence (1846)
  5. The Bethesda Divergence (1848)
    The Needed Truth and other Cleavages (1889)
  6. The Divergence of 1881
  7. The Grant Divergence (1884)
    The Independent Cleavage (1894)

Volume 2:

  1. The Grant Divergence (1884) (Continued)
    The West Philadelphia Cleavage (1928)
  2. The Stuart Divergence (1885)
  3. The Raven Divergence (1890)
    The Glanton Cleavage (1908)
    The First Taylor Cleavage (1920)
    The Secon Taylor Cleavage (1929)
  4. The Tunbridge Wells Divergence (1909)
    The Ilford Cleavage (1917)
    The Holloway Road Cleavage (1921)
    The Bath Cleavage (1925)
  5. Twelve Charts of the Brethren
  6. The Fellowship Conferences and Reunion of 1926
  7. Appendix
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