The Gospel of John - An Expository Outline

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This commentary on the Gospel of John will give you a greater appreciation of this Gospel which presents Christ as the Son of God, as a divine Person, as its theme.


  1. The Eternal Word
  2. The Ruin of Man and the Glory of Christ
  3. The Sovereignty of God and the Responsibility of Man
  4. The Ways of Grace in the Blessings of Sinners
  5. The Ways of Grace in Deliverance from the Law
  6. The Ways of Grace in Deliverance from Want
  7. Christ Glorified and the Spirit Given
  8. The Rejection of the Words of Christ
  9. The Rejection of the Woks of Christ
  10. The Shepherd and the Sheep
  11. The Witness to the Son of David and the Son of Man
  12. Introductory to the Lord's Last Discourse
  13. Let Not Your Heart be Troubled
  14. The Disciples in the Word, Bearing Fruit
  15. The Mind of Christ
  16. The Great Prayer to the Father
  17. Jesus' Betrayal, Arrest and Trial
  18. The Trial Concludes, and the Crucifixion
  19. The Resurrection
  20. Closing Scenes
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