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The Gift or the Wrapping?

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The Gift or the Wrapping?

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Product Description

The Gift or the Wrapping? Many of us have watched our children and grandchildren receive gifts. Strangely they often find more fun with the box or the wrapping than they do with the actual gift! Recently I witnessed my one year old granddaughter play for around half an hour with an empty box which she stood on, or opened and closed, but stubbornly refused to give up no matter what was offered in its place. How will your Christmas be packaged? Christmas has been wrapped up for us in all sorts of attractive and sophisticated ways and many of us enjoy the food, the lights, the decorations and the family get-togethers. However it can be true that each Christmas we are so taken up with the wrapping we fail to appreciate the gift that started it all in the first place. Many like the wrapping of entertainment, sport or even religion but God has a far more satisfying gift to offer than any of these attractions. What is the real gift anyway? What is the real gift we have been given? In the Bible we read ¨Unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given.¨ This gift is Jesus the Son of God who came into the world at Bethlehem. Mind you the birth of this child was not His beginning for, again the Bible tells us ¨He is before all things.¨ The amazing truth is that Jesus is God manifested in flesh. ¨God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son¨, not only at Bethlehem but ultimately as the sacrifice for sins on the cross at Calvary. What gift do you really need? Jesus Christ is also the gift that we all truly need. No doubt you like me have received gifts that you just don't need and indeed will probably never need. Many gifts will be returned; others will be set to one side or quickly forgotten about, because we don't really need them. God's gift is so different because each of us needs His Son as a personal Saviour. We cannot afford to do without Him because He is the only one who can forgive our sins and give us peace and hope through faith in Him. He is the only way to God, to truth, to heaven and no one comes to the Father unless they come through faith in Him. How this weary wicked world needs God's Son but how you and I need Him as well. Will you receive the gift? Like every gift, God's gift can be received or refused. Jesus Christ came to His own people and most of them did not receive Him. However many have received Him and across our sad world many are still receiving Him, as their Lord and Saviour. What about you dear reader? Don't just be content with the wrapping, the tinsel the carols or the gadgets, for the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. That's a blessing, not just for Christmas, but for an endless eternity!

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