The Defenders of Aletheia

The city of Aletheia has been invaded: the water is polluted, the orchards are burnt, the farmlands are muddied encampments of people from the land of Err, all desperate to overthrow the Bible Truth the city stands for. It seems that the wicked schemes of the Meddlers have been triumphant and soon even the mighty fortress of the academy of Soldiers-of the-Cross will be overcome. But something stands in the way of the invaders from Err. Mysteriously, all the inhabitants of central Aletheia have vanished and the buildings will not yield to those who are opposed to the Truth. Is the city of Aletheia truly conquered? Or is there a greater, unseen power that the land of Err knows nothing about? Follow the adventures of familiar characters and children from earlier in the series as they go underground, back to the foundations of Aletheia beneath the cross, and pray and plan to overcome their enemies. Will they be victorious against such fearful and determined foes? Will Bible Truth stand against the forces of Err?
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Aletheia Adventure Series Book 5
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Author Wilkie, E M
Binding pb
Subject Fiction
ISBN-Number 9781910513354
Number of Pages 288
Language English