The Church: Its Beginning, Doctrine and Order - 2nd Edition

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The CHURCH: ITS BEGINNING, DOCTRINE AND ORDER 2nd EDITION We are often asked for an easy to read small book that gives the basics of God's Church (Assembly). This second edition is an updated, more complete, easier to read and more accurate version of the author's first book on the Church, written in 1984. It has four main headings as follows: · The Beginning of the Assembly · The Doctrine and Practice of the Assembly · Order Maintained in the Local Assembly-Elders · An Outline of Scriptural Assembly Discipline Roger Daniel has written a number of other books dealing with various aspects of God's Church and our responsibility as to it. A listing of these books may be found at the end of this book. Roger P. Daniel is a married, retired safety engineer with two grown children and five grandchildren. He lives in Michigan and continues to teach in the local assembly where he has been actively ministering the Word, especially to young people, for about 50 years.
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Author Daniel, R. P.
Binding pb
ISBN-Number 9780881722925
Language English
Number of Pages 110
Subject Ecclesiastical