A Study of Election, The Gospel and God’s Pathway; And, Election and Predestination

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Election! What a controversial subject! It seems to fascinate and repulse people at the same time! People always have had many personal ideas about election, often from taking a set of verses in isolation from all Scripture.

We will look at free will, the terrible ruined condition of fallen man, the sufficiency of the work of Christ for all people, the doctrine of election from Scripture, wrong attitudes toward election, election in government, the relation between election, gospel preaching and God's pathway, and a number of other aspects.

An article by Leslie M. Grant, Election and Predestination concludes the book.


  1. Introduction
  2. Why Did I Write This Book?
  3. Other Reasons for this Book
  4. Definition of Election
  5. Brief History of the Election Controversy
  6. Three Prevalent Views
  7. The Root Principles
  8. Free Will
  9. The Problem from Scripture
  10. The Gospel Flows Freely
  11. The Doctrine of Election from Scripture
  12. How About Children?
  13. New Birth and Quickening
  14. Two Wrong Attitudes Toward Election
  15. I'm Not Convinced
  16. Closing Thoughts as to Election to Salvation
  17. Election in the Affairs of Men
  18. But I'm Not Saved
  19. The Relationship Between Election, the Gospel and God's Pathway
  20. Obedience and the Gospel
  21. A Closing Plea
  22. Leslie M. Grant's Election and Predestination
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Author Daniel, R. P., Grant, L. M.
Binding pb
ISBN-Number 978-0-88172-280-2
Language English
Number of Pages 100
Subject Pastoral Care