Seven Present Blessings through the Death of Christ

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We all look forward to being with the Lord Jesus Christ and to enyoing all the blessings unique to His presence. But He has given us many blessings to enjoy now such as...

- No more conscience of sins.

- Sanctification.

- Entering the holiest

- Four more blessings given in Hebrews 10

Do you know and enjoy all that Christ died to give you today? Can you give Him glory now for what He has already given you?


  1. Hebrews 10:5-22
  2. Present Blessing Contrasted With the Law
  3. First Blessings:The Remission of Sins
  4. Second Blessing: No More Conscience of Sins
  5. Third Blessing: Sanctified
  6. Five Aspects of Sanctification
  7. Fourth Blessing: Perfected Forever
  8. Fifth Blessing: The Holy Spirit's Witness
  9. Sixth Blessing: The Priesthood of Christ
  10. Seventh Blessing: Entering the Holiest of All
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Author Snell, H. H.
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Language English
Number of Pages 26
Subject Pastoral Care