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One World - One Saviour Christmas is a time for celebration, and it is of interest to consider some of the ways in different countries this is done. In the UK we sing carols, exchange gifts and usually eat more than is good for us! In New Zealand with Christmas falling in summer, it is becoming popular to barbeque dinner outdoors. In Germany a tree is brought into the house on Christmas Eve, when the family will gather round it and usually read from the Bible accompanied by singing Christmas songs. In South Korea, the capital city Seoul, puts on an amazing display of lights, illuminating the whole city centre, including the bridge over the Han River. As we have thought of how people around the world celebrate Christmas, it is important to focus attention on the event central to it - the coming into the world of Jesus Christ the Son of God. While it is true He was born in Bethlehem and that his birth was unique in that Mary his mother was a virgin, it is equally true, as He Himself said, ''I came down from heaven'', (1) his birth was not his beginning. Since his birth was unique, what about his life? We are told that He ''went about doing good'' (2), however the clue as to the main purpose of His coming is given by the angelic announcement: ''Unto you is born this day in the city of David a SAVIOUR'', (3) but why a Saviour? While across our world there are many great and serious needs to be met, there can be no doubt that mankind's greatest need was and is for a Saviour, one who can provide the answer to his greatest problem ''His sin''. God's verdict is ''All have sinned, and come short'', (4) no exceptions and no excuses. This is an assessment which if honestly considered cannot be denied. The seriousness of this condition is that man is morally responsible to His Maker, and cannot of himself produce a solution. What then is the answer? A Saviour has been provided. By his coming to earth and living a perfect sinless life, Jesus Christ was the only one who could answer to a holy God on behalf of man's sin and He did. On the lonely hill of Calvary and during three hours of supernatural darkness Jesus Christ became the willing victim judged by a holy God bearing a load none other could bear. Therefore, because sin has been dealt with, God can righteously forgive every person who believes that: - The Lord Jesus is the sinless Son of God. - We are sinners. - He alone is the Saviour that we need. By repenting of our sin and turning to God for forgiveness, our sin can be taken away and we can be made fit to spend eternity in Heaven. So while we celebrate Christmas by whatever custom or tradition, don't miss the vital issue: ''Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners''. B Martin The Bible: (1) John 6:38, (2) Acts 10:38, (3) Luke 2:11, (4) Romans 3:23, (5) 1 Timothy 1:15
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