Notes on Numbers

To all who relish the simple gospel of the grace of God, I would earnestly recommend these notes. They are characterised by a deep evangelical spirit.' Andrew Miller (in Spanish language)
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A 6 volume edition of this rich devotional guide that shows the unfolding of the revelation of the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Pentateuch. This commentary has provided precious spiritual help for five generations. Charles Mackintosh did not set out to provide a detailed commentary but rather to draw attention to Scriptural principles, illustrations and examples found in Numbers. He brings out God's love of order both in the way the camp of Israel was organized and in the way the duties of the priests and the Levites were set out. There is, too, so much to learn from the history of Israel - the failure to go into Canaan, the various lapses and rebellions, but yet the love of God for His people and the firmness of His purposes for them, as shown in the way He turned even the malice of their enemies into blessing. In all these, and more, the author shows the reader the ways of God, not only for the readers of his own day but for us today as well. Mackintosh's style is warm, very readable and clear. Every reader will gain spiritually from his writings.
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Author Mackintosh, C. H.
Binding pb
Subject Commentaries (Old Testament)
Number of Pages 345
Language Spanish