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During the Olympic Games in London this year there will be many visitors from all over the world who need the gospel. Chapter Two is publishing tracts especially for this occasion. One of these called 'IN THE ARENA' has the text in four languages - English, French, German and Spanish. Order these tracts today so that you have them in time and make sure you always carry some around with you during the Olympics. Please note these tracts have been designed to be used after the Olympics as well.

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Text of the tract

The Battle of Marathon took place more than 2,500 years ago, but there’s a message in it for us today. The Greeks won it against all the odds, saving their culture which has shaped so much of modern civilisation and in the process giving us marathons! The story goes like this...

The Greek general ordered the fastest man in the army, a soldier called Philippides, to run 25 miles to Athens with the good news, but it was a race too far for him. When he got there he shouted, ‘Nike!’ (meaning ‘Rejoice, we conquer’) only to collapse and die on the spot.

No doubt there’s a bit of fiction to this but it inspired the organisers of the first modern Olympic games—in Greece in 1896—to hold a race from Marathon to Athens. That’s how we got modern marathon races, although the distance wasn’t fixed at 26.2 miles until 1924.

Today thousands of people can’t resist the challenge of running a marathon, however long it takes them. By contrast, the best athletes run to win. They put all their time and effort into getting to the peak of fitness. Some even dream of breaking the two-hour marathon time barrier!

But there’s something much longer than a marathon or even the 2,500 years of history since the battle that gave the race its name. All of us have to take part in it and none of us can reduce its length or make it go any quicker. It’s what comes after death; it’s eternity!

Don’t be deceived. The fact is we’re different from the animals. We’ve got never-dying souls. Our creator—the eternal God—has designed us to know and love Him, but our sin—self-will—has separated us from Him,1 so when we die we risk spending eternity under His judgment2 instead of enjoying His love.

But the Bible’s got good news: God has devised a way of saving us. He’s sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to take the judgment we deserve for our sins so that we can spend eternity with Him in heaven instead. Jesus suffered and died on the cross of Calvary, 2,000 years ago to do this.3

Yes, Jesus has something better to say than Philippides. The original ‘marathon man’ died when he shouted ’Nike!’, but Jesus died and rose again. This proves that He was victorious when He suffered and died for us, and that He can offer us forgiveness, peace with God, and a home in heaven.4

You can have these wonderful things if you admit that you’re a sinner and trust in what Jesus did on the cross to save you. It’s then that you can experience His care and help in your life now and look forward to heaven with Him for eternity. Why not take God at His word?

‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life’ (John ch. 3 v. 16).


The Bible references in this leaflet are: (1) Isaiah 59,2 (2) Hebrews 9,27 (3) 1 Peter 3,18 (4) Romans 4,25


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