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Everyone today wants to read more about adventures. You can pick up this book and read about adventures that happened in the real world to real people. These are adventures that happened to men and women, boys and girls who lived in Bible times, exciting times. These heroes and heroines are people just like you. They faced up to problems and danger with God's help. Perhaps they sometimes felt like giving up? But with God's strength they struggled on, determined and brave. Read about these amazing people in the Bible and begin your own adventure with God. The Bible has every sort of adventure story you could ever dream of - battles, death-defying escapes, abandoned babies, heart-moving come-backs, giant slayers, incredible journeys and prison breakouts. Every one of them is true. Every one of them has been told for a reason. Every one of them is in God's Word. Some wise men followed a star and look what they found! Reading this book could help you discover Jesus too.

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Author Mackenzie, C.
Binding pb
ISBN-Number 9781845501297
Language English
Number of Pages 160
Subject Bible Stories