Lectures on the Church of God

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This book considers six aspects of the Church of God: as the body of Christ, accepting the direction of the Holy Spirit; responsible to Jesus as Lord; engaged in worship, remembrance and prayer; using gifts, and receiving practical resources daily in faith. Accepting the absolute authority of the Word of God, the author expounds what the Bible has to say on each of these topics. In a logical way, he challenges every Christian to consider the practical implications for their communion and conduct of the Church of God.


  1. Synopsis
  2. "One Body"
  3. "One Spirit"
  4. The Assembly and Ministry
  5. Worship, The Breaking of Bread, and Prayer
  6. Gifts and Local Charges
  7. Note on Acts 14:23
  8. The Resource of the Faithful in the Ruins of Christendom
  9. Notes
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Author Kelly, W.
Binding pb
ISBN-Number 978-0-901860-50-7
Language English
Number of Pages 243
Subject Ecclesiastical