In Six Days Six Thousand Years Ago

In six days six thousand years ago - Is this what the Bible means? A brief look at an important subject at the beginning of the Bible including a consideration of the Gap Theory
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We need to have clear answers from the Scripture, especially for our young people growing up in school and college. So many have rejected the gospel when they were given inadequate answers to serious questions about the origins issue. The all-pervasive millions of years propaganda has conditioned our thinking to assume that a great length of time was essential to produce all the depths of rock layers and we find it hard to accept that the flood event could have produced such tremendous transformation to the physical world. We need to have our thoughts conditioned by the word of God which shows that our understanding and knowledge of things is so small compared to the greatness and power of God. Much of Christianity has given ground to the so-called scientists on this vital matter so the enemy continues to chip away at the authority of Scripture. If we stand for the Word of God which is inspired, infallible truth we must refuse compromise with the teaching and ideas of fallible men.
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Author Warnes, B.
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Subject Apologetics
ISBN-Number 978-0-948436-11-6
Number of Pages 54
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