God’s Performance, Review of the Seven Churches of Asia

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All through school we got report cards. We - and our parents - awaited those marks in either dread or anticipation, for that report card told how the teacher evaluated our work. Our graduating marks were important when we sought a job. Then we began working. Guess what! We still get performance reviews, and they're still important!

In Revelations 2 and 3, the Lord gives remarkable performance reviews to seven local churches, which uncover what was really going on behind the scenes. In this exposé, He shows us what pleases Him and what displeases Him in the inner functioning of these churches, and why those marks are important. Do you want to know if the actions and attitudes seen in the local church where you fellowship please the Lord? Then read this book!

An appendix seeks to prove that every true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ has eternal security. The approach is unique compared to most books on the subject. Even if you disagree, it's worth reading.


  1. Introduction
    1. The Focus of This Book
    2. Introductory Remarks from Revelation 1
      1. The Seven Golden Lampstands
      2. John Sees the Lord Jesus
      3. The Seven Stars
      4. The Angels of the Assemblies
      5. The Key to the Timing of Revelation
    3. The Prophetic Standpoint
    4. Setting the Stage for What Follows
  2. Ephesus
  3. Smyrna
  4. Pergamos
  5. Thyatira
  6. Sardis
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Laodicea
  9. Summary of the Lord's Performance Reviews
    1. The Plus Side
    2. The Negative Side
    3. Concluding Remarks
  10. Appendix: The Absolute Assurance of Eternal Salvation
    1. Profession vs. Reality
    2. The Origin of Our Salvation
    3. The Assurance of Scripture
    4. Concluding Remarks
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Author Daniel, R. P.
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Language English
Subject Christ’s Return & Prophecy