Five World Empires and Future Middle East Events

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From the time of the Jewish captivity to Babylon, God has prophetically told of only five world empires, the final one being the reign of Christ over the earth.

This four-section book begins with the scriptural proofs of these empires. Then it compares scriptural events to the present condition of the nations Scripture says will be involved in Middle Eastern events during the few years of the Tribulation. As we see foreshadows of future events, what does Scripture say is to be the Christian's relationship to government?

Roger Daniel has been writing particularly for young people and those young in the truth for over 50 years.

Finally, Leslie Grant looks at the Day of Christ, the Day of the Lord, and the Day of God, as well as several other "days" of Scripture, so you will get a better understanding that some days are literal 24 hour days, others are much longer periods of time.

Leslie Grant has been serving the Lord for over 65 years. He has writen a number of Bible commentaries.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Five World Empires of Scripture
    1. The Great Image of Daniel 2
    2. The Four Beasts of Daniel 7
    3. The Kingdom Visions of Daniel 8
    4. The Revived Roman Empire
  3. Comments on Middle East Events
  4. Our Responsibility to Government
  5. Important Days of Scripture
    1. Helpful Books about Prophecy
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Author Daniel, R. P., Grant, L. M.
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ISBN-Number 978-0-88172-281-9
Language English
Number of Pages 96
Subject Christ’s Return & Prophecy