Faith Healing, Speaking in Tongues, Signs, in the light of Scripture

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  1. "Be Filled with the Spirit" (Ephesians 5:18)
  2. Praying for the Holy Spirit and the Baptism with the Holy Spirit
  3. Speaking in Languages (Speaking in Tongues)
    1. Woman's Position According to Scripture
  4. Signs and Miracles
    1. Miracles in History
  5. Healings of the Sick
    1. Healing of Unbelievers
    2. The Significance of James five
    3. Miraculous Powers or Obedience
  6. Is the Healing of the Body Included in the Atonement?
  7. Some Further Characteristics of Error
    1. The Recognition of the Lord Jesus as Lord
    2. The Deity of the Lord Jesus
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Author Heijkoop, H. L.
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Language English
Subject Ecclesiastical, Pastoral Care, Practical Christian Living