Excerpts from Joshua

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The Israelites were blessed on their journey from Egypt to Canaan! Moses brought them out of Egypt. Joshua brought them into Canaan, to possess it. Moses brought them through the Red Sea. Joshua brought them through the Jordan River. They were taken out of the house of bondage and brought into the land of blessing, the land which was promised to Abraham. “They shall come out with great possessions” (Gen.15:14). Their blessings were earthly. The Christian’s blessings are spiritual, in the heavenlies, but we likewise need to possess them to be able to enjoy them. We are a heavenly people with heavenly things to be possessed. In this book we are encouraged to possess our possessions, and warned of dangers that would hinder our possessing them. We also have sought to present thoughts on the One who is greater that Joshua, our Lord Jesus Christ. You will find this book worthwhile reading! Enjoy it and profit by it in your spiritual life!
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Author Palmer, P.
Binding pb
ISBN-Number 9780881723113
Language English
Number of Pages 140
Subject Commentaries (Old Testament)