Assembly Relationships in the Church of the Living God

Extracted from The Church of the Living God

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When the apostle Paul wrote to a local Church, the instructions the Spirit of God gave through him were heard by all.

We have these instructions in our Bible today because those who first heard them recognized that they were truly the Word of God.

Many of the principles of how we are to behave in God's house and how we relate to other individuals are the same ways that a local assembly can get along with other groups of saints.

In addition, there are special principles we need to keep in mind so that we never act independently of each other or of God's Word.

Finally, we should never think that men can take over our Lord's roles as Head of His Church and as the one Mediator between God and men as we express the practical unity of His Body.

Keeping these principles in balance is as important to the Church of the Living God today as any of the other lessons you will have learned in earlier books in this series.

As you complete this study, you will be challenged to work together with other believers to maintain that unity that only the Spirit of God can bring as He applies His Word to today's needs.


  1. The Bible Study Series
  2. Preface
  3. Assembly Relationships
  4. Independency or Unity
  5. Unity of New Testament Assemblies
  6. Bound on Earth
  7. The Seven Churches of Asia
  8. Examples of Unity in Israel
  9. "A Circle of Fellowship"
  10. Maintaining Practical Unity
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