Unsound Doctrinal Statements & Cliches

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This study reveals that many New Testament doctrines have become blurred and distorted in the minds of Christians today. The drift toward unscriptural phraseology is evidence that there is a growing misunderstanding of the truth that was "once delivered to the saints" (Jude 3). The author examines 60 such examples of unsound doctrinal statements and clichés in the light of Scripture.

At first glance, these statements and expressions might seem trivial, unimportant, and just "splitting hairs." While it might seem like it is quibbling over minor points of doctrine, the author shows that these unsound statements are not just a matter of semantics and terminology, but are like the "tip of an iceberg" that reflect a misunderstanding of whole lines of Biblical truth.

William Kelly said, "All progress in real knowledge is tested by, as growth in true wisdom largely consists in, distinguishing things that differ [Phil. 1:10]." These fine-drawn distinctions in Scripture may be discounted by some, but if understood properly, they are the very things that cause the soul to grow! Mr. Kelly also said, "Stereotyped phrases of the religious world gravely need and will not bear an examination in the light of Scripture. ....Our wisest course is to discard every unscriptural phrase which we find current and influential."

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