To Whom Do You Pray?

A booklet to correct the view held by some that we should pray only to God the Father and not to our Lord Jesus Christ

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The author explores the question and gives examples from history and his own experience. He also gives the answers from Scripture.

Scripture enjoins us to honour the Son of God in the same manner as we honour the Father. The Bible is clear: the Christian must worship both the Father and the Son. The plain biblical teaching of the Bible is given in this book: the present privilege of calling upon the name of the Lord means we may pray to Him. The prospect of the church is to surround the Lamb of God and address Him with, 'Thou art worthy'.

A final chapter by Mark Best gives further biblical insight into this important subject.

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Author Best, M., Layne, L.
Binding pb
ISBN-Number 978-1-85307-210-9
Language English
Number of Pages 24
Subject Ecclesiastical