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The Tabernacle Talks Today

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The Tabernacle Talks Today
by: R P Daniel

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Product Description

A little prefabricated, take-apart building, covered over with animal skins, built some 3500 years ago, sitting on the sand of the wilderness in a courtyard surrounded by a cloth curtain! Why write a book about something like that? Why bother to study the tabernacle? Wasn't it strictly for the children of Israel?

The tabernacle was where God dwelt in Israel. That in itself is a wonderful fact and worthy of our interest. But the tabernacle was far more than that, although the children of Israel didn't know it. All the Old Testament in general was written with us today in view, for our instruction and admonition (Romans 15:4, 1 Corinthians 10:6, 11). The tabernacle in particular was a figurative representation - a picture - of things in the heavens, a shadow of coming good things, of heavenly things (Hebrews 8:5, 9:23, 10:1). In picture after picture we have brought before us the wonders and glories of Christ and of His Church. As seen in verse after verse particularly in the book of Hebrews. God used the tabernacle to help explain many of the great truths of the New Testament. So, in a most wonderful way the tabernacle does talk today: it is most worthy of our careful study.


  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Material and Construction
    1. The Materials
    2. The Construction
  4. The Cloud
  5. The Camp of Israel
  6. The Court
    1. The Curtains and the Gate
    2. The Support for the Curtains
  7. The Objects in the Court
  8. The Copper Altar of Burnt Offering
  9. The Laver
  10. The Tent-of-Meeting or The Tabernacle
    1. The Boards and Sockets
    2. The Veil and Entrance Curtain
      1. The Inner Veil
      2. The Entrance Curtain
    3. The Curtains Over The Top
      1. The Curtain of Fine Linen
      2. The Curtain of Goats' Hair
      3. The Curtain of Rams' Skins Dyed Red
      4. The Covering of Badgers' (Seals') Skins
      5. The Pegs and the Cords
  11. The Tabernacle Furniture In The Holy Place
    1. The Golden Lampstand
    2. The Table of Showbread
    3. The Golden Altar of Incense
    4. The Incense
  12. The Holy of Holies
    1. The Ark and The Mercy Seat
    2. The Golden Censer
  13. The Priests
    1. The Order of Dressing
      1. The Linen Vest and its Girdle
      2. The Blue Cloak of the Ephod
      3. The Ephod and its Girdle
      4. The Two Onyx Stones and their Enclosures
      5. The Breastplate of Judgment
      6. The Urim and Thummin
      7. The Turban or Mitre
      8. The Holy Diadem
    2. The Clothing of Aaron's Sons
    3. The Anointing Oil
    4. The Priests' Consecration
  14. The Daily Ministry
  15. On The March
  16. The Way of Approach to God
  17. The Great Day of Atonement
  18. Summary of The Five Offerings
    1. The Burnt Offering
    2. The Meal Offering
    3. The Peace Offering
    4. The Sin Offering
    5. The Trespass Offering
  19. Appendix - Recommended Reading

Additional Information

Order Code 104125
Author(s) R P Daniel
Subject(s) Commentaries (Old Testament)
Binding Spiral
Number of Pages 114
Language English

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