The Story of the Ark of the Covenant from Mount Sinai to Mount Moriah

'A useful exposition ... especially in connection with the need to understand the meaning of the presence of the Lord among His people.' Precious Seed Magazine

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In this book about the eventful history of the Ark of the covenant, light is shed on the meaning of the Ark for the people of God in this present dispensation of grace. The author draws parallels between the Old and the New Testament. What is important in all this is that the history of Israel is rendered as of current interest to us. It is emphasized that 'whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope' (Romans 15:4).

The allegorical interpretation of the Bible has its basis in Scripture itself. The many details relating to the journey of the Ark of the Covenant are not given merely to satisfy the curiosity of historians and archaeologists. In the Scriptures referred to we find ourselves amidst those things of which it is written, 'Now these things became our examples' (1 Corinthians 10:6).


  1.  Introduction
    1. The construction of the ark
    2. The ark - the throne of the Lord
    3. The different names of the ark
    4. The transportation of the ark
    5. The ark - a type of Christ
  2.  From Mount Sinai to Shiloh (1)
    1. At the mountain of God
    2. The Church as a spiritual house
    3. The journey through the wilderness
    4. Israel's failure in the wilderness
  3.  From Mount Sinai to Shiloh (2)
    1. Israel crosses the Jordan
    2. The river of death
    3. The conquest of Jericho
    4. The ark finds a resting place at Shiloh
  4.  From Shiloh to Mount Zion
    1. Samuel and the ark
    2. The ark captured by the Philistines
    3. The ark returned to Israel
    4. The ark at Beth Shemesh and at Kirjath Jearim
    5. The ark brought up to Mount Zion
  5.  From Mount Zion to Mount Moriah
    1. The worship before the ark on Mount Zion
    2. The ark and the temple site
    3. Other references to the ark in Second Samuel
    4. The ark brought into the temple
    5. The final part of the ark's story
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Author Bouter, H.
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ISBN-Number 978-1-85307-191-1
Language English
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