The Personal Return of the Lord Jesus

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1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.


Desiring to be a servant of Jesus Christ to all who own a common Saviour, I dare not refuse to give in my feeble testimony to the truth respecting the coming of the Lord as that which should be the proximate hope of every believer.

To many of my readers the theme will be not only new, but contrary to former notions. Let me advise such just to "Search the Scriptures whether these things are so"; and if so let the simplicity of faith accept them with gratitude to Him who has borne so long with our ignorance.

As regards many truths we have had to exclaim, "Why did I not see them before!" So if you avoid reasoning and argument — as children of faith should do — your proper hope will be made plain to you, and the name of the Lord magnified by you.

The question is one affecting the glory of the person of the Lord Jesus. To have His redeemed with Him in bodies of glory like His own — to rule this world now in rebellion — to gather Israel, now scattered and peeled — to execute judgment on rejects of His grace — to swallow up death in victory — to bind Satan, our common foe — to judge the wicked dead — Scripture says He must do all these. Into these secrets He has led His saints. Do we grudge Him His glory in those things?

Then let us turn from our own thoughts to things concerning Him. May He deign to use the following finger-posts as guides for my dear readers to His own truth!

May Himself be abundantly ministered to the souls of all that search His Word, in which to His saints He says, "Surely I come quickly."


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