KJV Platinum Jubilee Bible, Commemorative Edition

Compact Bible without references - Platinum Jubilee Special Edition. Vinyl covered hardback. Authorised (King James) Version. Special edition of the Bible to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (1952-2022). Purple cover bears the official Platinum Jubilee logo. An ideal keepsake and presentation Bible for recipients of all ages.
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Dimensions 14.3 × 10 × 2.8 cm (Height × Width × Thickness)
Language English
Content Bible
Translation KJV
Binding hb
Zip No
Gilt Edges No
ISBN-Number 9781862285361
Parallel Edition No
Font Size S
Concordance No
Words of Christ in Red No
Thumbindex No
Bible Word List / Glossary No
Daily Bible Reading Plan No
References No
Colour Purple