In the beginning

The book is basically an exposition of the first eleven chapters of Genesis. It is worth reading. A book like this ought to serve as an introduction to a more in-depth exposition of Genesis.'

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  1. Introduction
    1. In the beginning
    2. The composition of Genesis
    3. Seven biographies
  2. God's plan for His creation
    1. Man and his wife
    2. Two series of three days
    3. Adam and Christ
    4. The new creation
    5. The mystery of Christ and the Church
  3. Man's Fall into sin
    1. The reality of the Fall
    2. The serpent of old
    3. The nature of sin
    4. Deliverance from sin
  4. Judgment and redemption
    1. The consequences of sin
    2. The promise of the seed of the woman
    3. The judgment on man
    4. God's grace for man
    5. The expulsion from the garden
  5. Cain and Abel
    1. The contrasts between Cain and Abel
    2. The offerings of the two brothers
    3. Cain, the first murderer
    4. Abel and the Christ
  6. The children of light and darkness
    1. Seth, Abel's substitute
    2. Seth's descendants
    3. Pictures of the End Time
    4. The line of Cain
    5. Man's corruption
  7. Noah's Ark
    1. The meaning of the 'waters'
    2. The Ark of salvation
    3. A new beginnin
  8. The Noahic covenant
    1. The basis of the covenant
    2. The provisions of the covenant
    3. An everlasting covenant
  9. Noah's prophecy and mankind after the flood
    1. Noah, the ruler over the new earth
    2. The curse on Canaan
    3. The blessings for Shem and Japheth
    4. God's hand in man's history
  10. The tower of Babel
    1. Babel, the cradle of idolatry and astrology
    2. Nimrod, a mighty hunter before the LORD
    3. The confussion of tongues
    4. Babel and Jerusalem

Appendix I: The individual and the dispensational application of Genesis 1

  1. The seven days of creation
  2. The seven biographies in the book of Genesis
  3. God's plan of salvation throughout the ages
  4. The believer's growth to spiritual maturity

Appendix II: New Testament references to Genesis 1-11

  1. The Creation of the world
  2. The Creation of man
  3. The Fall of man
  4. Conflicting family lines
  5. The great Flood
  6. Mankind after the Flood
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Author Bouter, H.
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