A Girl of Two Worlds

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This story is about Nosim, a young girl who is ordered to attend the missionary boarding school. The chief thinks that having a Maasai in the school will make them more important. Thus begins Nosim's double life where she juggles the world of school and Christianity with Maasai life. At first, it appears both lifestyles cannot co-exist. Nosim tries to be Western and Christian at School and Maasai at home. She eventually realises that if you don't follow Jesus throughout your whole life you are not following him at all - it is then that she gives her life to Christ. But does this mean leaving family and culture and identity behind? The perfect ending to this story is how Nosim is encouraged to take the gospel to her own people, by remaining a Maasai woman and a Christian. She is in actual fact a girl of two worlds - definitely a Christian and definitely Maasai. But her life of deception is over as she brings the true word of God to her lost people.

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Author Eglin, L.
Binding pb
ISBN-Number 9781857928396
Language English
Number of Pages 176